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Why Online is Best for You

Why buy online?

  • No lines

The first reason is our favorite one. No more will you have to stand in long lines. Not only can you pick up textbooks, but you can also schedule a pick up for school supplies; like pens, folders, binders, etc. etc. etc.

  • Online Receipt

Lost your paper receipt? No worries. Ordering online, you will always have a copy of your receipt available on your SpiderShop account.

  • New Quick Pick Up Location!

Just like a drive through, the SpiderShop has an Online Textbook pick up window! Located in the 2nd floor hallway, we have our “walk-through” window where a helpful staff member(s) will be able to help students with obtaining their online orders or questions about textbook policies. Look for our “Textbook Pickup” signs in the hallway. Please have your order number ready, this is how we are able to find your order. The Order Number can be found in your confirmation email and on your online receipt.

Where to Buy Textbooks

Click here to order your Textbooks

Textbook Buying Tips

    • Doesn’t matter if you are buying online or instore, it is always a good idea to check the UR Textbook List. The UR Textbook List is a great way to see required and suggested books for your class. Where can you find this list? Click the button below!
    • Make sure to always keep a copy of your receipt! In the case you need to exchange or refund a book, you will always need your receipt. If you order online, it will always be available for you on your SpiderShop account. When you buy in store, you will be given a receipt. Hold onto it tight, make copies, and don’t throw it away!
    • If you are buying a new Textbook, be sure to keep it in new condition! The beginning of the semester is always filled with class add and drops. Make sure to keep it in like new condition, you will need it to be in the same condition you bought it if you want a refund with the receipt!
    • Orders take 24 – 48 hours to pull. Place your order ahead of time so when you are ready for pick up, it will be available to you as you visit the SpiderShop Pick Up Window.
Textbook Policy To see our Textbook Policy, click the button below